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One time registration to comply with Health and Safety For
School Of The Arts (SOTA)

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We have set up an automatic check in (as required by law) to make the process easier, faster and more effective for both of us! You only need to complete this form once. It needs to be completed by existing pupils and parents and any relative before entering our premises. You will then receive an Email from us detailing our fast check in process. This saves you having to complete a new check-in form on each visit. Simply follow the details in the Email you receive. Then check in directly using your mobile when you arrive. (It is simply complying with government regulations to keep all of us safe)

We really look forward to seeing you soon!
School Of The Arts (SOTA)
  I am an existing pupil
  I am a new pupil
  I am accompanying a pupil
The usual accompaniment time is the class time.
The information as submitted is strictly confidential and is only available to the teacher at your school as mentioned above. It is not shared with any third party and not used for marketing purposes. It can only be made available via your teacher on demand by a government authority if required for infection prevention.