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The Global Solution for the Dance and Theatre Industry

For every responsible teacher

Who needs to ensure

Safer Check Ins to their classes

The Global Solution

When you need to ensure

Your Safety

The Safety of your Staff

Your Pupils' Safety

The Safety of Families

DanceCheckIn does what a QR code poster cannot

We know that many will not download an App or scan locations

All of your pupils, visitors and families register in DanceCheckIn

DanceCheckIn warns you in advance of dangers.

A QR system tells you afterwards, when it is too late.

The QR poster doesn’t help you prevent the wrong person entering your premises

DanceCheckIn does

You need a tried and tested solution that:

Helps minimize the spread of infection

Helps you identify people in risk categories

Helps you prevent the wrong person entering your premises

You know that a simple check-in

is not enough

You understand that you need to know "who" wants to check-in

and are they safe.

You want to minimize the danger of infection in your premises

You owe it to yourself

You owe it to your clients

You owe it to your loved ones

You know you can’t run the risk of closure due to Quarantine

The horror of the financial impact to you and your business

Due diligence could save bankruptcy 

We know, wherever we go, we have to check in. 

Yes, there are various class software programs which tell you when a person attended.

Yes, a class list tells you who attended.

Yes, people can fill in bits of paper on entry.

BUT …………

Does that assist keeping you safer? NO

Does that keep others safer? NO

Is it a responsible solution? NO

Will it protect our families? NO

Are you aware of the health profiles? NO

Does it really help you? NO

A person who checks in today may be completely healthy

If in a few weeks maybe their situation has changed,

   how will you know?

A person goes on holiday and faces the risk of infection,

   will you know?

A member of their close family or friends becomes infected,

   will you know?

If one of your pupils is in a risk category,

   How will you know?

A person develops symptoms,

   What will you do?

One time minimal payment of £ 49 all inclusive


Is not simply a Fast Check in process?



the Safer check-in system

Is the only system that tells you

WHO” plans to check-in

It continually asks your pupils, customers, family and friends for health changes.


Helps you identify potential risks

Warns you of risk category pupils

You are informed instantly

Dance Check-in is yours TODAY

The integrated extensive Email automation and tactical probing system ensures you are constantly aware of potential risks and dangers.

Something that no other system offers.

DanceCheckIn is designed for every responsible teacher, school, academy or Institution accepting pupils on a regular basis for classes or lessons who puts 

Health and Safety First

Used by and benefiting leading:

Dance Teachers - Dance Schools and Dance Centers – 

Colleges - Performers’ Academies - Music Schools 

Theatre Schools - Yoga & Pilates Schools - Event organisers 

Sport Clubs - Fitness Centers - Leisure Clubs – Chess clubs

Party Planners – Seminar organisers

And similar businesses throughout the World

Dance Check-In

Is your one stop solution

It does more

Than simply reduce costs and simplify compliance procedures as specified by International Governments to meet “Track and Trace” requirements.

Dance Check-In

does a lot more than simply:

Eliminate the time consuming need to collate data manually

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Assist in developing customer loyalty

Eliminate mistakes when transferring Data

Automating compliance, saving you time to do what you do best

Allowing you to identify potential risk categories

Thanks to Dance Check-In

You no longer need expensive and unnecessary software

You won’t need extra staff to administer check in and compliance

You don’t need a complicated and expensive system

Developed by Dance Schools

for Dance Schools.


Already used successfully at leading Dance Centers


Designed by Health and Safety Tutors and Examiners

Programmed by leading Web developers

A system that is easy to use by both teachers and pupils

A proven and tested system that works

A system that assists in improving safety for all

A system to assist building customer loyalty

A system that you can use today

Dance Check In
Saves you time, money and stress

Your DanceCheckIn site with
YOUR own School name

  • Includes free lifetime secure high-speed hosting
  • Automatic Backups
  • Allows you unlimited pupil registrations
  • Access to your exclusive customer Data 24/7
  • No hidden costs
  • No maintenance cost
  • Simply download your Registrations and Check-Ins any time
  • Access to our support desk

You receive a three-page website set up in your school, Institution or clubs name

The first page is your one time registration page for pupils and families

The second page is your fast check-in page

The third page is your “SOS page for instant warnings 

You also receive your own password-protected page to download your registrations and check-ins.

To avoid delays in setting up

Your own  Dance Check in website

please register early.

Yes, Set Up My School's Safe Track & Trace Registration Now

One Time Fee only 49 £


Increase the level of safety

for yourself, your pupils and families Now!