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Is Dance Check-In only for Dance Schools?

No. Although we created DanceCheckIn to assist the Dance & Theatre Industry, it is and is being used as a solution for teachers and organised groups meeting regularly which wish to provide an increased level of safety.

Is Dance Check-In suitable for Event Organisers?

Yes. For an event organizer running regular events it is an essential tool to minimize the spread of infection. For annual events, we suggest stopping regular health update requests by deleting the system after the event.

Why do I need to use Dance Check-In?

We are all legally obliged to keep a complete record of who entered our premises, at what time and for how long.

If requested, we must supply authorities with these details.

All registrations and Check-ins are automatically available for the business owner to present to the authority via one click download to an Excel document.

How does Dance Check-In differ from a simple Track & Trace system?

Track & Trace or Trace & Test only record information on entry times of a person the same as any class software, they provide no alert to a potential risk.

Dance Check-In, continually requests health updates, changes and potential risks of those wishing to check in plus an SOS alert facility to warn of an infected or risk pupil, thus allowing you to take immediate measures to keep everybody safe.

Dance Check-In is renowned by responsible teachers as The sign of a safer class

Who has to register with me?

Everybody that will enter your premises for whatever reason.

Do my existing pupils still need to use this?

Yes. You should ask your existing and new pupils to register as well as anyone accompanying a pupil. We also suggest requesting close family members to register, even if not attending, to ensure improved health information that could affect one of your members.

How does Fast Check-in work?

On arrival, having completed your one time check-in, your guest simply opens your fast Check-In page and enters their name, and Email as used on their health registration. Your system automatically logs the time of entry.

Why can I request Check-In via WhatsApp?

The standard Check-in should be encouraged via your Fast Check-In page. WhatsApp and Email are available as a backup if a pupil has difficulty completing the online Check-in if they don’t speak English or have a visual impairment.

Is a new registration required on each visit?

No only once, customers only re-register if they change address, phone number or in the event of health changes.

After initial registration, Fast Check-In is always required

How do I access the one-time registrations?

You receive an administrator dashboard, protected with a password of your choice.

Here you will find a download link to save all your registration information in excel.

How do I access my fast Check-ins?

In your administrator area, is also a download file of your Check-ins that also open in Excel.

I can’t read my downloaded information

If you downloaded using the “CSV file” option, you can re download in Excel or convert from CSV to Excel using this explanation:

What happens to my registration and Check In data?

Your “Registrations” are stored on your server and are available when needed.

By law, you must delete “Check-In” information after a specified time to comply with the Data Protection Act. After the specified period, the system will automatically delete the relevant files, for your protection.

Who are you and how do I know this works?

My name is Ian de Souza. I have been successfully running my own Dance School for over 45 years. In addition to the qualification spaghetti after my name, for many years I was also an accredited Tutor and examiner for Health & Safety in Dance. I run a multi faculty Dance center and use exactly the same procedure in my own Dance center on a daily basis.

What happens if I lose my information?

The system runs a continual backup thus ensuring all required records are available.

Do I need to keep copies of the Email Registrations?

Once you have downloaded the information from your server, you can delete the Emails.

How do I know if a person is giving an SOS warning?

You will immediately receive a Mail with a different heading and marked as a warning.

Can I use the data for marketing?

No. The information you receive from pupils and families is in confidence and should not be divulged to unauthorized third parties or used for any form of marketing services. 

If you already have express permission from a pupil to maintain Email contact, you can check accuracy of information such as address or phone number.

How do pupils know I am using DanceCheckIn?

Schools and responsible teachers who through DanceCheckIn have provided an increased level of safety for themselves and their families receive a Seal for use on their advertising as well as a certificate for the studio denoting a “Safer Class”.

What happens if I need assistance?

You can contact our support team Monday to Friday on

Is there any ongoing support?

There is a closed Facebook group for School owners at

Is there a cost for updates and maintenance?


Are there any ongoing or renewal costs.