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Let’s set up your Check in page

1) To register, simply enter your full details

2) Name of your School as it will appear on your check-in page

3) Your school website address 

4) The Email you enter is where you will receive a copy of your registrations

5) Pupils will register directly on your site (on mobile it. works as an App)

6) If you wish to create a back up to online check-ins, you can select WhatsApp or Email. (This is not advisable, it's only for pupils who have difficulty using a smart phone).

What happens next?

We instantly create a web page unique to your business that contains:

1) A “one time registration” for your pupils and parents.

2) A “fast Check-in” page for pupils, parents and visitors

3) An “SOS” page for infection warning urgent messages

4) Your “admin page” to download registrations & Check-ins

5) Your registrations are available indefinitely.

6) Your Check-in files delete after the required time for your protection. (GDPR)

7) You are sent a receipted invoice to reclaim against tax.

When registering, your pupil and / or accompanying person is required to confirm that at the time of registration, they are not infected or in a risk category and to warn you of any dangers.

Once a pupil has registered, they firstly receive an Email explaining your Fast Check-in process, and then automatically receive regular Emails from your site / school, requesting health updates and any potential risks.

In the event of a change / risk, you receive immediate notification.

If your pupil or a member of their direct family has been in contact with an infected person, they can notify you via your sites “SOS” button

What you need to do

1) Send your site URL that appears in the browser window to all pupils and family members requesting they complete your one time registration then follow the instructions in their Email.

2) Request that they check-in via your Check-in page. If you have selected Whatsapp as a backup, explain that this is only for those who have difficulty with onsite check-in.

How does Dance Check-In differ from a simple Track & Trace system?

Track & Trace or Trace & Test only record information on entry times of a person the same as any class software, they provide no alert to a potential risk.

Dance Check-In, continually requests health updates, changes and potential risks of those wishing to check in plus an SOS alert facility to warn of an infected or risk pupil, thus allowing you to take immediate measures to keep everybody safe.

Dance Check-In is renowned by responsible teachers as The sign of a safer class

How does Dance Check-In differ from the QR code system?

Business premises are required to hang a QR Poster on their buildings.

Downloading an App to scan the codes is currently optional. Children and elderly people or those not using a smart phone are unable to scan the code. Others forget or refuse.

The information the government receive after a QR scan allows them to trace the location of an infected person. As there is no pre-warning system, the School or teacher won’t receive a notification until it is too late.

Whilst no system in 100% foolproof, Dance Check-In is used to register everybody who is likely to enter your school plus their close families. Due to the continual contact for health updates, pupils, families and on occasions, local schoolteachers become used to advising or pre warning you of potential dangers.

Another reason Dance Check-In is the ultimate solution for caring and responsible teachers as The sign of a safer class



How do pupils know I am using DanceCheckIn?

Schools and responsible teachers who through DanceCheckIn have provided an increased level of safety for themselves and their families receive a Seal for use on their advertising as well as a certificate for the studio denoting a Safer Class”.